About the author

I am Juni, a 30 year old eclectic-syncretic polytheistic pagan who honors a variety of gods, spirits, and dead, drawing particularly (but not exclusively) from the ancient polytheistic traditions and cultures of Ireland, Greece, and Egypt, as filtered and understood through a modern secular New England USA perspective. I’m owned by three benevolent feline overlords, Morgan, Gwen, and Orville. Though I grew up in Connecticut (and would like to return to New England) I am currently living in North Carolina.

Away from the altar, I am a bookseller at a major bookstore chain, a voracious reader, an aspiring writer, and a proud Hufflepuff. I enjoy weaving, knitting, and crochet; baking; collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl, vintage kimono, and more books. I’m liberal somewhere in the green party-socialist-democrat range. I’m attempting to learn French and ASL, and to play the harp, though I am pretty awful at all three so far.

I run two other blogs: The Little Sea Witch, a general personal blog, and Narrative Filigree, a reading and writing blog.

About the blog

Lanterns are a symbol with particular resonance for me. Fire is an intense force of nature, one that treated carelessly or neglected will consume everything in its path or go out completely. When harnessed, fueled, and sheltered- within a hearth, a forge, a stove, a lantern- it can transform, nourish, and illuminate. The lantern has the unique ability to travel, to bring that transformation and illumination to places Outside and Elsewhere, away from the comfort and safety of home and the community. It is small, and may cast limited light on the path, but it can be used to create something greater, more permanent, with more significant reach.

Despite having claimed the “pagan” label for half my life, now, I am still in the early, experimental, establishing stage of my practice. I am still figuring out what I want out of a religious life, and how best to go about getting it. I hope that this blog can be a resource in that journey, as well as a way-station for others on their own journeys, to share, collaborate, and discuss the myriad of ways we make ourselves and our world better through belief, knowledge, and action. I hope you’ll join me for this adventure, regardless of where your own is taking you!