Goals for By Lantern’s Light

Religious blogs are not new to me; I’ve opened and closed more than one. As I begin a new chapter here at By Lantern’s Light, I want to take a moment to establish my goals, plans, and hopes for this blog. What I want to do, what I want to do differently- a mission statement of sorts, I guess.

I want to look ahead. I am constantly frustrated by offering days and other holydays sneaking up on me because I have a terrible sense of time and not the best time-management skills. And since I’m really still in an establishing phase of my religious life, it means I need that extra time to figure out what I want to do for any given Thing. I think that I’d like to take some time on the new moon to look at the upcoming two lunar cycles and see what I need to be planning for.

I want to reflect. Knowing where you’ve been is equally as important as knowing where you’re going, and for those of us with the tendency to get stuck in the religious “cul-de-sac” as we have termed it, I think it’s important to take stock so we can recognize the sign before we turn on to the dead end. I don’t know how deeply I want to share those reflections with the world, if I’m honest. I’ve pretty much always had an open-book approach, and I certainly see value in sharing. I’ve certainly learned from the things other people have shared. Being neither a BNP nor a frequenter of BNP circles, the likelihood that my natterings here will be seen by many is pretty slim; still, I suspect the more personal bits will be behind a password with which I can filter access.

I want to engage. My aforementioned small sphere of engagement is something I want to work on here as well. Since leaving my longtime pagan discussion forum of preference some time ago, my religiously oriented conversation has diminished a great deal. And even before then, I had a longstanding tendency to lurk more than interact. I want to read more, I want to comment more, I want to share and foster conversation more. I miss Jenett’s salons, and I wouldn’t mind hosting them periodically (even if I have rather less interesting things to say than she typically does.)

I want to create. One thing I had a tendency of doing on my old blogs, religious and otherwise, was to simply uncork my brain and see what fell out. It was a lot of reacting- to events that had passed, to posts that had been shared, to my shifting emotional state. I want to act more; I want to be more deliberate and intentional. I want to do more focused blog posts, like the (admittedly sporadic) Pagan Blog Project posts I did in the past; I want to make and share devotional crafts and ideas. I want to make something worth sharing.

So, that’s the blueprint. Whether it is sufficiently specific to be useful, or meets my needs adequately, only time will tell!

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